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Muntra is a leading web-based patient management system for dentistry. Hundreds of clinics use our powerful and user-friendly tools to acquire, treat and get more satisfied patients.

"I have worked with various patient management systems. Muntra is the best I have worked with so far. The program is easy to use, modern and constantly improving. It is also more cost effective for the clinic compared to others."

Cardo Toma
Dentist in Umeå

"After using five other patient management systems over the years, Muntra is the system I like the best. Easy to work with, logical and modern. In addition, excellent support!"

Linn Pudas
Dentist in uppsala

"Intuitive patient management system that provides an overview and control of treatments, bookings and finances. I have worked in T4 and OPUS before and Muntra is superior. Highly recommended!"

Isabelle Hvalgren
Dentist in Stockholm